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15 April 2013 @ 03:56 pm
A message from the management  
Hello all.

I think it's pretty safe to say that this blog is pretty much defunct. I won't delete it, after all anything can happen and I may pick it up some time in the future (if LJ is even still aboot).

So that being said, if you wanna find me on teh interwebs these days here's where I'm at:


My old email address (the one attached to this page) is still functional, and I can also be contacted at rawkchikk@gmail.com. I check em both.

I can't guarantee to check my LJ flist with any degree of regularity, so if there's something you want to call my attention to (personal matters, awesome fanart you created, plots for world domination that need signing off on, etc.), drop me a line at any of the above places/addresses and I'll hop on over.

So, those of you who I already converse with elsewhere in cyberspace, catch ya later. Those I don't, hope to see you around.

Cheers m'dears!

Charity Farrell: I see whut you did tharrembrandt13 on April 15th, 2013 06:14 pm (UTC)
Aw, dang, chica--I've been hoping you'd update eventually and maybe give us the 411 on your heart sitch, just for starters. What's the latest? (Yes, and by all means comply with my oh-so-cunning plan to make you post more... :)
Teh Phlegephlegethon_vii on April 16th, 2013 02:37 am (UTC)
Still waiting for the results from my 24 hour monitor. Can take up to 4 weeks. Not that there's gonna be anything to find coz I was symptom free while I was wearing it. Bloody Sod's Law :p.

So basically I'm stuck in the same holding pattern I was in while waiting to get the monitor in the first place. I could go back to the doctor, but they'll just tell me to wait and see what the cardiology dept finds.

In the meantime I'm still having symptoms, which is interfering with my ability to exercise, which is fucking me off to no end as I am now 3 months behind schedule on my health plan.

So yeah. Really not much to report at the moment.
Trina L Short: Foottrinalin on April 15th, 2013 08:47 pm (UTC)
Since I actually use my flist to see your Tumblr, I still keep up with my flist. ;-) Sadly, as far as RSS readers go, LJ's flist is one of the least reliable. But it's so damn easy to use. ;-)
madclarinet on April 17th, 2013 12:39 am (UTC)
Well, I'm following you now on both twitter and the tumblrs. Not getting rid of me that easily. :-p
ravenskyewalker: ravensravenskyewalker on April 17th, 2013 02:43 am (UTC)
As you know, I follow you on Tumblr, so you're not rid of me yet... ;-)
chanel L: pic#115275047chanel1224 on June 9th, 2013 01:37 am (UTC)
No facebook . NOOOOOO> thats where I am at.