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Teh Phlege
15 April 2013 @ 03:56 pm
Hello all.

I think it's pretty safe to say that this blog is pretty much defunct. I won't delete it, after all anything can happen and I may pick it up some time in the future (if LJ is even still aboot).

So that being said, if you wanna find me on teh interwebs these days here's where I'm at:


My old email address (the one attached to this page) is still functional, and I can also be contacted at rawkchikk@gmail.com. I check em both.

I can't guarantee to check my LJ flist with any degree of regularity, so if there's something you want to call my attention to (personal matters, awesome fanart you created, plots for world domination that need signing off on, etc.), drop me a line at any of the above places/addresses and I'll hop on over.

So, those of you who I already converse with elsewhere in cyberspace, catch ya later. Those I don't, hope to see you around.

Cheers m'dears!

Teh Phlege
02 January 2013 @ 07:13 am

In other news, WTF have they done to Livejournal?! Me no likey!

Oh well. It's not like I'm doing much with my account these days anyway, having been lured in by Tumblr and its ability to let me spam the world with Sylv!gifs :p. If you can ignore the rampant, verging-on-psychotic element of the social justice movement that infects the place like herpes (to the eternal detriment of the genuine social justice cause) and enjoy being spoiled for any and all major movies/tv shows by endless squee and gifs it's a fun place to be (yes, I know Tumblr Saviour is a thing. A thing I can't get on my phone alas, which is where I do a helluva lot of my tumblring from). Especially coz if you don't feel like furnishing the world with your wisdom or anything you can just reblog random pictures/gifs of animals being cute :p.

Saw The Hobbit. Sylv was excellent. I think there might have been other people in it as well. Will have to watch again to check ;p. Nah, it was great, I really enjoyed it.

Christmas was cool. Sis's fella spent the big day with us. They've been together a year now and haven't fallen out or broken up once, which must be a record for my sister. Pretty much every year since she's started doing the whole relationship thing, she's always broken up with the bloke around Xmas after spending a fortune she doesn't have on prezzies for him which then get redestributed among the family. It's become something of a family injoke. One we didn't hesitate to make the most of this holiday season :p.

Basically, everything's just buzzing along.
Teh Phlege
09 October 2012 @ 01:36 pm
Okay, hands up all those who have never dreamed about being a rockstar.



Put your hands down, you liars!!

Well, here it is. The logical next step from the ax-wielding mania that was Guitar Hero and Rock Band. This time however, there are no dinky plastic guitars, no colourful buttons, no tilting to access the score-boosting Star Power only to find yourself in the note-free abyss (gah!).

This time it's real.

Real guitars. Real techniques. Real songs. Real riffs and chords. And not a stuffy teacher insisting you learn Mary Had A Little Lamb and Little Brown Jug in sight! Oh no, this teacher gives the people want they want - the songs they WANT to play. Never picked up a guitar before but dream of being the next Keith Richards (minus the mummification. Or not)? Have a Stones classic. As your FIRST SONG!!

It's not as ominous as it sounds. The game starts with the familiar single-note playing newbies to Guitar Hero are familiar with (minus the buttons obvs) and adjusts itself automatically based on how well you're doing. Only managing to scratch out a few notes while sliding around the neck in a blind panic? No biggy, just keep at it until you're comfortable. When the game thinks you're doing well enough it'll throw a few more notes in there. Can't keep up? Again, no biggy, coz it'll pare it back to a level you can cope with. And it'll do it all while you play, so you don't have to bugger about with difficulty settings (although you can do that too).

There are technique tutes and videos and stuff you can work with, and minigames to unlock so you can boost your competance while having fun and earning points. The game recommends the next steps for you to take on your journey to rock godness. Follow them or do your own thing (provided you've earned enough points to have unlocked what you want of course. Ooh, an incentive!)

And your tv is the amp. And there are all sorts of effects pedals and stuff you can customise your sound with, and a tuner. Suhweeeeeeet!

I've only played an hour at the mo, and focussed on perfecting the first song (coz I'm like that :p). I'm loving it so far in case you couldn't tell. I've been playing guitar forever and this is essentially the guitar game that players have been waiting for. Not only that, but as a learning tool for wannabe rockstars it's fantastic from what I've experienced so far. Only slight niggle on this front is it doesn't lay down some basics beforehand (alternate picking, finger position etc) so bad habits may be picked up by newbies that are best nipped in the bud from the get-go, but those lessons appear to be unlocked pretty quick so maybe the worry is unfounded.

Of course the biggest downside is the expense. The game and cable isn't exactly pocket change but gamers have been living with that for years. You need a real guitar or bass (with a quarter-inch jack, so an electric or electro-acoustic) in order to play, and if you don't already own one you're likely gonna have to add another zero on to the price of the game. But if you fancy playing something that's challenging, fun and increases your skillset (and chances of getting laid :p) all at the same time, the expense may very well be worth it.

Haven't gone deep enough to give it a score yet, but I'm giving it the preliminary thumbs up. Rock on wit' ya bad selves!
Teh Phlege
06 October 2012 @ 02:09 pm
So. I spent 7 hours at the hospital last night.

Had a health scare. Worried it could've been my heart or a blood clot or something. I was being stubborn and refusing to get it checked out, but fate had other ideas that night. My carer, who lives with mum, had a fall while posting a letter. Doctor would've sent her (and me) up to the hospital anyway so she decided to cut out the middle-man, and I decided to go as well.

Had a bunch of tests, with a bunch of waiting thrown in for good measure. Friday night isn't the best night for a trip to A&E :p.

I was dreading having blood taken coz it's usually such a hassle, but I had an expert blood wrangler who found a nice vein on the side of my wrist. Didn't even have time to feel funny, as is my wont in these situations. That is until my mind rebelled against the cannula that was inserted incase more stuff needed extraction or had to go in me. My brain was like 'it's in me! There is a pointy thing in my vein and it's gonna stay there until I leave! Danger, Will Robinson!' Cue epic funny turn. Sweats, nausea, feeling faint, etc etc. Blood wrangler guy, named Guy funnily enough, wrapped a bandage round it so it was less scary for my brain and eventually I was fine.

Anyway, after all that, all they could find was an elevated white cell count. I'm fighting the beginnings of a chest infection. Won't need antibiotics unless it gets worse.

On the plus side, my heart is fine and my lungs are fine and the discomfort is due to my body trying to keep it that way.

On the downside, my carer has fractured her arm, and had to endure an extra 5 hours of waiting for me and mum while I got checked out.
Teh Phlege
05 August 2012 @ 01:58 am
I have ALL THE SEVEN on dvd.

Now I have nothing to look forward to.

Okay, except the Minister of Chance (although Kitty makes my ears bleed with her fucking whining and there's never enough Witch Prime) and The Hobbit.
Teh Phlege
12 July 2012 @ 07:00 pm
Thanking y'all for your input on the previous post. The people have spoken, and the people have unanimously declared that the tagline looks better on the bottom. Having spent about an hour staring at the pics this morning, I really have to agree.

Bottom it is. Now that's settled maybe I can get on and finish the bloody thing :p.
Teh Phlege
09 July 2012 @ 11:42 pm
So, you know that Riddler!Seven 'shop jobbo I did a while back? I said I wanted to give it a more Gotham-y background than the default Brig's garden green-and-pleasantness.

Well, I have been working on that for a while off and on, and I'm happy with how it's coming along. Basically I'm aping one of the Dark Knight ad posters. Only problem is I dunno what to do with the tagline, so I thought I'd throw it out there to y'all to see which position works best. The image quality is much better IRL, I just wanted some quick and dirty pics for the comparison.

High tagline:


Low tagline:


On the one hand the high tagline breaks up the sky, which is good IMO, but at the same time I feel it might be a little strangled by the tall buildings either side. By the same token, the low tagline isn't lacking for space, but I dunno if I should have all the focus on the bottom third of the pic.

So, which do you like best?

Piece isn't finished yet obviously. I've got to actually beat up the car (this image is a 30 second visualisation. The car is currently pristine :p), got to reconstruct Seven's right shoe (the lousy image quality here might make that harder to see), there's also lighting, blending and colouring to sort out as well, and maybe I'll add some other stuff for ambience, but that all depends on the tagline placement really coz I don't wanna over-fill the space.

Put me out of my misery, people!!!
Teh Phlege
31 May 2012 @ 12:32 am
So, my 3 years under CAMEO are up and I'm due to get my discharge papers any day now. Then my doctor once more becomes my primary point of contact in regards to my mental health. There's nothing stopping me from getting sent back in the future though should I require it, which is good. I am slightly worried that no longer being under specialist care will mean ATOS and the DWP suddenly think I'm miraculously cured...but then they ignore doctors and specialists in favour of their own box tickers anyway so I may be alright if I scare them enough on assessment day :p.

First thing on my agenda once I receive my outgoing care plan is to arrange a med check with my doctor. I discussed a possible adjustment with my CPN and consultant and they both agreed it was probably necessary. They can no longer order it themselves though for fear of stepping on toes and stuff.

So there's that. I'm having repeated olfactory hallucinations tonight which is irritating the fuck out of me, and my tolerance for bullshit and general stupidity is at an all-time low and really making me want to hit someone in the face repeatedly with a ball-peen hammer. Why not a claw hammer you ask? Coz the name is funnier. It sounds like an instrument for smashing male genitalia doesn't it? See, even though you're feeling downright murderous and want to climb to the top of a tall building, scream 'I am surrounded by idiots' and then jump off and land on a few of them (with said hammer in hand), it is important to retain your sense of humour :p.

My sleep diary is reading like an American football match. Stop. Start. Stop. Start. Stop. Start.

And it's getting warm. Annoyingly, uncomfortably so.

But other than that, I'm just coasting along and doing alright.
Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated
Teh Phlege
14 April 2012 @ 12:18 pm
So, Zach's just turned seven (inorite), and as a treat I said he could stay over a night earlier than our usual arrangement, so he's been here since Thursday night. He'll be leaving in about 15 minutes.

You know that awkward moment when even though you love the little snot to death you find yourself counting down the minutes until he's gone? I have that today.

To be fair, I don't usually have this feeling, but I've been fighting the deaded lurgy for the last 5 days, and basically I just wanna sleep or chillax and do my own thing. To a certain extent I can do that anyway, but Zach's now entered that phase where he Never. Stops. Talking. He even talks in his sleep FFS :p. For someone who is mostly solitary, and has to deal with enough concentration issues as it is, the constant barrage of 'noise' isn't pleasant. I guess I haven't wanted to engage as much as I usually do with him. Again, blame the lurgy.

Aaaaanywho. His uncles are abducting him to do something fun this afternoon. Not entirely sure what. Maybe bowling, I dunno. Hopefully not teaching him to play poker, lol. That can wait til he's eight.
Teh Phlege
29 March 2012 @ 12:55 am
How many relationships have you been in?

Zero. Zilch. Nil.

And not a single fuck is given.

Or recieved ;p

I'd be shit at relationships anyway. I'm not an especially warm and loving person. I'm emotionally closed off. Most interpersonal behaviour confuses the fuck out of me. Besides, relationships aren't efficient, and they're messy. There's nothing I could get out of a relationship that I can't get from other places with a lot less hassle. Also I have an 18-wheeler's worth of issues :p.